Autore: Loris Dietrich

Una squadra nuova di zecca a capo di Swiss-APO !

Communiqué en Français Une nouvelle équipe se dédie au développement de l’Association Suisse des Organisateurs Professionnels. Le 21 janvier 2022, un nouveau comité a été élu au sein de la Swiss-APO (  Une Home Organiseur de suisse-allemande et quatre romandes se sont réunies cette semaine pour discuter les grands axes de développement de l’association. Très…
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Plan your transition

Questo articolo proviene da un altro sito internet. It looks like our Covid-19 confinement time is coming to an end. We have been adjusting to the situation, living and working at home for the past weeks. And now we will soon get back to normal. What is ‘normal’ though? Have you asked yourself the question?…
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Space of Mine professional organizers will help you gain control of your mess

Questo articolo proviene da un altro sito internet. The biggest problem with your own mess is taking the leap to let someone else see it! Some people are naturally tidy, clutter-less, and organized. Some are overwhelmed by other happenings in their life, so much so that they don’t see the build-up of items around them.…
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La prima specialista certificata in Svizzera Senior-downsizing

The Downsizing Institute ha assegnato aVIRGINIE DOR – SPACE OF MINE il certificato per aver completato con successo il corso come specialista  per senior-downsizing (ridimensionamento degli spazi per anziani).Complimenti Virginie!

Interior Redesign – Your Summer Breeze

Questo articolo proviene da un altro sito internet. By Anna Lascols Organizing Geneva I recently discovered the beautiful world of Interior Redesign. Another whole new area of opportunities. An area that is so close to home organizing that exploring it seems obvious. I had the great opportunity to learn about this topic by leading the…
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