Our profession as Professional Organizers [PO]

The profession of Professional Organizer [PO], also known as tidying coach, tidying expert or home organizer, emerged in the USA in the 1980s.

Our goal is to assist our customers in finding a better quality of life and genuine well-being in their living environment.

The profession Professional Organizer [PO]

As Professional Organizers [PO], we support people in creating order and structure in their lives. As experts in organization and efficient decluttering, we help our clients optimize spaces, get rid of unnecessary items, and develop personalized systems for lasting order. Through empathetic guidance and practical instructions, we promote a stress-free life and enhance well-being. Together, we work towards creating a harmonious environment that fosters clarity and productivity.


As Professional Organizers [PO], we specialize in decluttering, optimizing spaces, and customizing organizational systems for individuals and businesses. We assist clients in sorting possessions, optimizing physical spaces, and developing personalized organizational strategies. Additionally, we offer time management guidance, aid in paperwork organization, and provide coaching for maintaining order. Our mission is to simplify lives, reduce stress, and boost productivity through efficient organization.

Together with our clients, we analyze the current situation. We encourage them to ask themselves the right questions, evaluate priorities and their relationship to things. Together we define a goal and propose an action plan that is tailored to their needs and individual way of working. Based on this, we support our clients  in sorting and decluttering their environment using various methods. We then set up an organization system and personalized storage tailored to their needs, lifestyle and challenges to achieve the goal and ensure it lasts.

Professional Organizers [PO] offer a wide range of specializations and services. On the page «Find your PO» you will find the profiles and specializations of our members. Possible services are for example:

  • Professional organizing
  • Decluttering
  • Tidying up service
  • Moving out, moving in
  • Professional organizing in connection with redesign
  • Document management, filing, archiving + administrative support
  • Digital organization (photos, documents, digital data)
  • Time and productivity management
  • Waste disposal, donations or sale of goods
  • Coaching for people with compulsive hoarding
  • Seminars, workshops and public presentations

Rates vary depending on the region. Services can be charged in the form of an hourly rate, a flat rate or according to the type of service.