Swiss Association of Professional Organizers​

Since 2016, we have been actively engaged as a professional network in promoting and advancing the profession of Professional Organizers [PO], and passionately advocate for the exchange of experiences and the expansion of expertise.

We consistently apply the ethical and professional code of Swiss APO, exchange experiences and expertise, support each other, and collectively enhance the visibility of our profession.

Code of Ethics

As professional organizing experts and members of Swiss APO, we operate with expertise, respect, treat our clients information confidentially, and follow these principles:

We work and advise professionally, competently, respectfully and discreetly within the scope of our possibilities.

We always respect the values and needs of our customers.

We treat our customers› information confidentially and only pass it on with their express consent.

We are constantly developing our personal and professional knowledge and skills.

We declare our activities correctly and have professional insurance cover.

We are actively working on the development and recognition of our profession as Professional Organizers and our association.

We are committed to fair, honest and cooperative dealings with Swiss APO members and maintain respectful and courteous relationships.

We are committed to promoting our association and improving its visibility by mentioning Swiss APO in the media.

We display the link and the Swiss APO logo on our website (if applicable).

Since 2016 until today

The Swiss Association of Professional Organizers was founded in June 2016, thanks to the initiative of Monica Oberti and the dedication of ten other pioneers in the profession.

To this day, Swiss APO is the recognized and established national professional network for qualified decluttering professionals, Professional Organizers [PO], decluttering coaches, organizing experts, and home organizers.

We are convinced of the growing significance of the profession of Professional Organizers [PO]. Our common goal is to increase the visibility and recognition of our profession in Switzerland.